NETF expansion and upgrade new solution

Under the trend of the future development of the blockchain, the BCETF smart contract is promoted to be upgraded to NETF to adapt to market trends and performance demand orientation, a new ecosystem optimized for upgrading and high security, high performance speed.

NETF is different from the old model. The upgrade of the optimized platform drives the increase of the global trend-oriented transaction rate, which can solve the network congestion and high transaction costs, and help the platform further increase the processing speed and strengthen the operation interaction.

The extended upgrade of data expansion improves the reading speed of the database, separates the memory database and the disk database, improves the data storage capacity, increases the scalability and extends the ecology, and drives the field link and load capacity.

Optimize tps: improve the stability of the control system, while increasing the performance advantage, improving the operating capacity and high efficiency utilization.

The underlying technology drives security and stability. NETF’s new version of smart contracts drives comprehensive security upgrades. Real-time monitoring such as authority audits, security audits, and re-entry attack audits ensures that there are no known risks, and provides users with a more secure and transparent trusted transmission mechanism , While complying with the development and changes of the market and driving the future development trend of the economy. Establish a phased development plan;
2021Q3 quarter: Establish prediction data model library.
2021Q4 quarter: build a predictive equilibrium index agreement.
2022Q3 quarter: Standard definition of isolation index model.
2022Q4 quarter: Build Defi to supply full-integrated ecological dapp.
2023Q4 quarter: Expand backward compatibility with more cross-network systems.

It can complete the comprehensive and expandable cross-network system upgrade and optimization to drive a new ecological model innovation. For the market to expand sustainable business and the upgrading of multi-domain interconnected value ecology, to expand new directions and opportunities for new future trends.

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Global technology hotspots

Global technology hotspots

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