Universe Infinity achieves ultimate integration of governance and ecological protocol on the Heco chain

An exciting opportunity is coming, a global technology outlet has come before our eyes, and the meta-universe has become the foundation of mathematics. “Through the construction of the meta-universe, the information of the real world will be greatly supplemented by the virtual world, and the way humans interact with the virtual world will be brand-newly improved. On this basis, a business model full of imagination will be born, such as games, social interactions, and entertainment. There will be qualitative changes in consumption, consumption, etc., and an economic system will be built through digital governance on the chain and blockchain technology to integrate the virtual world and the real world into the economic system.

Universe Infinity will open the Heco on-chain governance protocol. This on-chain governance mechanism is different from the past in that in the entire on-chain mining process, it distinguishes between the pioneering “coin holder” and “government person” roles. . This can identify more currency holders with a willingness to govern to participate in governance, and reward this group to encourage them to participate more actively in governance and contribute to the development of the ecology. For community members who hold currency mining on the entire network. The hashrate mining is automatically executed through the contract on the Heco chain, and the system automatically reads the mining data according to the mining situation of the address. Collaborate effectively under the incentive mechanism of the token to produce a powerful synergy effect of on-chain governance.

Universe Infinity Ecological Developer Alliance:

Question: The community nodes do not have a good understanding of the management structure on the Universe Infinity chain. Can you simplify it?

Universe Infinity developer member Max said: On-chain management is coded, procedural and automated. “Code is law”, organizations are no longer pyramids but distributed, power is no longer centralized but decentralized, management is no longer bureaucracy but community autonomy, and organization operations are no longer The company needs to be replaced by a highly autonomous community. Only relying on the development of community governance so far is enough to show that a community governance running under a good governance framework, Uvif is fully capable of carrying a huge economic system.

Question: What are the rewards for Bit Brothers pools and miners who participated in the early ecological construction?

Universe Infinity core developer Tom Chilton: Speaking of the early participation in the Bit Brothers ecological mining pool, an application can surpass its surrounding ecosystem and requires a strong market and time precipitation. Therefore, the alliance members decided to participate in the early mining pool. The co-builders of the pool are integrated into the Uvif computing power ecosystem, and they can also fully guarantee their benefits. At the same time, it can expand Uvif’s entire network with increased computing power and more nodes, and ensure that it works normally 24x7 with higher efficiency. As more and more people begin to realize the value of Uvif, it will affect more and more people to enter the market, more and more miners, and the currency price in the market is slowly heating up.

Question: As a NETF global ecological co-constructor, what are your views on the integration of NETF into the Universe Infinity ecosystem?

NETF Global Fund Researchers Jeffery Jastrow and Ronaid Cranham pointed out that when we discuss the development of a technology or the composition of a DeFi ecosystem, it is inevitable to discuss the existence of developers. After all, their participation has accelerated the implementation and popularization of some technologies. A strong ecosystem must gather the power of global developers and capital to build an ecological back-feeding the main chain matrix. The DeFi ecosystem will form a virtuous circle, form a huge network effect, and continuously empower Uvif with higher ecological value.

Uvif opens up the DeFi ecosystem and provides more users with an opportunity to participate in financial services on an equal footing. It makes the financial ecosystem more credible while reducing potential risks. Ultimately, Uvif will form a convergent DeFi financial ecological platform to help users realize convenient, efficient, and low-cost decentralized financial transaction services in the true sense of transfer.

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Global technology hotspots

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